The following conditions shall apply exclusively to all sales and no other condition shall be considered applicable unless RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. accepts it in writing.

A quotation made by RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. does not constitute, in any case, an offer to sell or supply products. Any RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. quotation or purchase order is considered as a purchase offer with no obligation, unless acceptance is expressly made in writing. In the event of a conflict between these general conditions and those of the buyer, the present general conditions of sale shall prevail.

RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. has the right to cancel a supply contract, an accepted order or to withhold the delivery of any goods if the buyer is in breach of any obligation, whether contractual or not, with RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L., or if he finds himself in any situation considered as insolvency, whether declared or not, or if he ceases his activity.

In these cases, any existing debt with RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. shall be deemed to have expired, without the need for a claim, and to compensate credits RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. may retain any deposits, assets, or goods that are or may come into its possession.


For RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. it is a major aim to achieve the complete satisfaction of its clients in terms of the quality of the products it sells. RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. sells without any kind of contractual guarantee due to the variety of factors that could affect the goods supplied. In any case, RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. declines any responsibility for accidents or disturbances that could arise in the companies due to their use. This also includes alleged technical assembly errors, defective maintenance, improper lubricants, overloads, etc. It shall always be the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the goods supplied by RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. meet the material, technical and qualitative characteristics required by him, for the intended use. The sole responsibility of RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. is to ensure that the goods delivered are exactly the ones requested by the buyer.

Consequently, the buyer exonerates and guarantees the indemnity of RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. against any claim, cost, loss, or liability arising directly or indirectly from the supplied products.

No returns will be accepted after 30 days unless expressly authorized by RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L in writing. Duly authorized personnel shall admit returns in the event of any defect, even latent, of the goods supplied, limiting their warranty, solely and exclusively and after an inspection, to the payment, repair, or replacement of the components considered as defective.


RODAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. retains title to and ownership of the goods supplied until the full amount due has been paid, including all packing and transportation costs incurred, if any. The client shall assume the risk the goods could suffer, even if kept in perfect condition.


The courts of the city of Seville shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the resolution of disputes regarding the interpretation of or discrepancy with these conditions, waiving the jurisdiction to which the parties may be entitled.

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